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Advertise High-Risk Producsts On Instagram, With No Restrictions

Tap into the worlds largest high-risk producst ad network, and grow your business in a big way.

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With Adfriends, Instagram becomes a powerful tool for your business, giving you the potential to reach tens of thousands of people daily.

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Advertise all of your products, deals, and sales on Instagram without limit.

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We provide you with all of the relevant data, so you have what you need in order to design high converting ads, and grow your business.

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Advertise your products without limits.

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Features you'll love

Adfriends comes with multiple benefits.

Easy to Customize Ads

Bring your ad to life using our intuitive ad builder.

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Actionable Analytics

Use data to grow your business.

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Simple Pricing

No hidden fees. Pay at the end of each month.

Customer Testimonials

Here's what our customers are saying.

Company X

"Agencies have told me that they could get my product ads on Instagram before, but have never delivered. Adfriends has an entirely new approach and I've been using them to advertise my products on Instagram for months without any hiccups." ~ Business Owner

Company Y

"I was blown away by how quickly and easily I saw results. Within a week of signing up, I had more traffic and engagement than ever before." ~ Marketing Manager

Company Z

"Adfriends is the best thing to happen to product advertising. Its a very powerful tool for reaching potential customers." ~ Advertising Executive

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the basic types of questions for our customers. For more
information please contact us.


Is this allowed?

It is true, Instagram does not allow organizations to advertise or sell high-risk producsts on their platform, however they do allow links to be posted, and posting a link to a high-risk producst website will not result in an account being flagged.


We don't have an Instagram account, can we still use Adfriends?

Yes, Adfriends has your customers post your ads on their own Instagram pages. You do not need to have an active Instagram account.


Will my Instagram account be at risk?

Your Instagram account is safe. Adfriends does not link to your Instagram account in any way.


Will I get fined?

Please review your local and state laws before using Adfriends.

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